About ConnectCare Medical Clinic & Pharmacy

We are committed to providing all our patients with ConnectCare’s Patient-Centred Medical Home where all your medical and health needs are centrally coordinated by your ConnectCare Team to ensure all your necessary care is effectively managed for optimal health and wellbeing.


Our Mission

ConnectCare strives to provide the best quality health care to our patients and community

Our Medical Clinic & Pharmacy Objectives
  • Provide the best quality health care to our patients and community
  • Strive to provide a pleasant and supportive experience for our patients, staff, physicians and pharmacists
  • Cultivate innovation, creativity and growth in all aspects of our organization
  • Be leaders and contributing members of our communities
  • Be exemplary models for professionalism and stewardship of our corporate values

Our Vision

We envision a future where all patients have access to a dedicated family physician and medical team.

Our Vision of a Patient-Centred Medical Home
  • Provide counselling and help patients with multiple issues in one visit
  • Listen and communicate with our patients
  • Recognize unexpressed needs of our patients
  • Manage complicated medical findings and illnesses
  • Arrange all medical services required for our patients
  • Ensure clinical goals and priorities are set
  • Implement appropriate interventions in clinical goals as needed
  • Help manage chronic medical conditions
  • Ensure timely appointments
  • Be accessible to all our patients
  • Work with our medical team to coordinate required services
  • Ensure medical records are easily accessible and secured in electronic form

Our Values

Our values serve as a guideline for our conduct and behaviour in working towards our goals for our patients.

Our Values We Strive To Upload Each Day
  • Professional – We value providing our patients the highest level of professional patient care
  • Accountability – We value accountability to our patients, our physicians and pharmacists, our health care team and our communities
  • Trust – We value building partnerships based on trust and respect with our team, patients and community partners
  • Input – We value our patient’s input in meeting their health care goals
  • Empathy – We value empathy and appreciate what another individual experiences and feels
  • Nurture – We value nurturing our team by encouraging continuous training for the benefit of our patients
  • Transparency – We value transparency to uphold accountability
  • Safety – We value an individual’s circle of safety and security

Connecting the Dots to Good Health + Care

To achieve our goals of a Patient-Centred Medical Home, ConnectCare’s approach to caring for patients is through our Collaborative Care model. This is where each of our trained and specialized health care professionals work together in a collaborative environment to ensure our patients are cared for by using each member’s skills, knowledge and specialized training. This means that your dedicated family physician and pharmacist is always backed by a team of specialists ready to help you.



Each health care specialist is available to patients when they are needed


Continuous Training

Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists are continuously trained for the changing environment to meet the needs of our patients


Strong Network

Thanks to our large network, we are able to efficiently share our resources for the maximum benefit of our patients throughout the greater Edmonton area