Annual Complex Care Checkup

We are proud to offer an initiative by Alberta Health & Wellness to help patients suffering from complex chronic illnesses to better navigate the complexities of care.

Q. What can this annual checkup do for me?

This will help to create an annual baseline of your current health which provides an opportunity for you
and your family doctor to map out regular health goals and options for your chronic illnesses.

  • Let us help you to better understand and manage your conditions more effectively
  • Let us help to enhance your access to a team of qualified healthcare professionals
  • Let us help to guide you through the Alberta healthcare system more effciently and effectively
  • Let us help to increase your motivation to make healthy changes with self-managed short and long-term goals

Q. What does this annual checkup include?

  • If this is your first checkup, we will create a full record of your current condition which will be updated annually
  • A nurse will complete your vital signs including height, weight, BMI and blood pressure
  • Update your past medical, surgical and family history
  • Update your lifestyle history
  • Review your Annual Complex Care Checkup results with your family doctor and create personalized goals to self-manage your complex health conditions
  • If you are a ConnectCare patient with diabetes, learn more about ConnectCare’s Diabetic Foot Exams to monitor and maintain the health of your feet

Q. Who is eligible for this checkup?

This program is an initiative by Alberta Health & Wellness for those suffering from 2 or more complex health needs. Contact us to learn more about your eligibility today!