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Are you meeting your new family doctor for the 1st time?

This is your opportunity to get to know about the doctor, and the doctor to also get to know you and your medical history. It is a meeting of two equals. The Patient will provide their family and medical history.

The Physician will then determine if any aspects fall outside the physician’s scope of practice – further examination may be necessary in this same visit.

The Meet & Greet Appointment ultimately allows both to determine if this relationship will meet the expectations for managing future health needs.

If you require further medical advice, you will need to book a follow up appointment.

  • Other Concerns will not be addressed in a Meet & Greet Appointment.
  • Prescription Refills will not be filled. (The Physician will need to review your medications first.)

Please bring with you:

  1. List of Current Medications
  2. Photo ID
  3. Valid Health Care Card

Follow Up Appointments

  • Please ensure to book your Follow Up or Prescription Refill in advance
  • Do not wait until the last minute, you risk not being seen in a timely manner

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you need to cancel or reschedule your Meet & Greet appointment, contact us as early as possible to notify us. You can do this by calling us and leaving a message (even after hours) on our Cancellation voice mail
  • For the days the clinic is closed, messages will be checked the following working day

Same Day Cancellations

  • Should you cancel same day, your Meet & Greet will not be re-scheduled with the same Physician
  • There are a limited number of physicians accepting new patients and you may not be rebooked

No Shows

  • If you do not show up for your “confirmed” Meet & Greet, we are unable to re-schedule you again at a ConnectCare Medical Clinic

Are you returning to see your new family doctor? Here are some important guidelines to follow

What to expect at your appointment

The patient must provide a Valid Health Care Card and Photo ID at EACH visit + inform Reception of any changes in: Name, phone number, address; Health Card number; Medical conditions

Visit time and patient medical concerns

Most Appointments are 15 minutes. The Physician will only address the most immediate health concerns (a max. of 2 concerns) per visit. For further medical advice, the patient will book an Appointment for the next available date/time.

Booking appointments

Please always inform us of what you are booking for – for example, if you require a form to be completed, we do require the type of form (name) – please note forms takes 30 days for processing and are not completed the same day.

Wait Times + Follow Up

Patients are to book their Appointments in Advance (3-4 weeks at least)

We recommend for patients to book their Follow Up Appointment immediately after they see their Physician, this will help ensure you are booked in advance + promptly. This will help avoid any delays in getting in to see your Family Doctor.

Patients should not wait until the last minute; the patient risks not being seen in a timely manner.

(Example – if a Patient has a Prescription, the patient should pay attention to how many days it is filled for, and Book the Follow Up Appointment in advance (long before the medications are needing to be refilled)


The patient will contact the clinic as early as possible (minimum of 24 Hours prior to the booked appointment) if needed to cancel or rebook an appointment. The patient can do this by calling ConnectCare and leaving a message (even after hours) on the Cancellation Voicemail. The Voicemail is checked every morning, and throughout the day. For the days the clinic is closed, messages will be checked the following working day.

Late or missed appointments

If the patient will be late for an appointment, the patient will call the clinic to notify. If the patient is late for their appointment – it will be at the physician’s discretion if they can still be seen, and a rebooking may be needed. Missed appointments will be billed directly to the patient. More than 3 missed appointments without notice will result in termination of the physician-patient relationship.

Travel medicine advice and forms (Uninsured Services)

Items such as Insurance, Drivers Medical, Disability, and Sick Notes etc. are not covered under Alberta Health Care. Patients will be required to pay out of pocket for these types of visits. At the time of booking the appointment, patients are expected to inform Reception of the reason for the visit.
Not all forms can be completed in your visit, Patients must allow a 30-day processing time for form completions.

Medication prescriptions

No narcotics will be prescribed unless the patient is: Palliative care, post-surgical for a short duration (4 weeks) or after a formal assessment has been completed.
Prescriptions are prescribed as per the Physician, not the Patient.
Refill of existing Prescriptions are the responsibility of the Patient, not the Physician.
Patients are expected to book an appointment with the Physician for a Prescription Refill, it is recommended to book these appointments in advance prior to your medications needing to be refilled.

Lab or investigation results

Based on the findings and at the direction of the physician, the patient will be contacted to Book an Appointment. Clinic staff to do not have the authority to provide the Patient with their results in phone or in person.


Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour towards staff, patients or physicians is not tolerated, and will lead to immediate termination of the physician-patient relationship.

Clinic hours of operation

Your Physicians hours of work my vary from time to time. The Physician has discussed his/her hours of work and availability with the Patient. The Clinic is Open Monday to Saturday and is Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays.

Physician time off

The Physician may be away on holidays from time to time.
For Immediate Concerns – the patient can book with other Clinic Physicians (based on their availability)
For Other Concerns – the patient will book with their Physician upon their return.

Medical history

In order to build a trusting and positive Physician-Patient relationship; and to be able to provide you with the best medical care possible. The expectation is that you will be forthcoming with your medical history. This includes any ongoing WCB related issues, medical legal issues, substance use and psychiatric issues.

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Some restrictions may apply for certain prescriptions and refills including narcotics and pain medications that may require further face to face assessment or consultation.